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The service stations AutoABC mechanics using the latest generation of devices Robinair PRO 590 may provide a comprehensive review of air conditioning in your car. Last year, nearly 1,000 customers entrust us to make a service pack air conditioning. This confirms the excellent theoretical and practical preparation of our mechanics. Too little coolant or oil in the system failure can cause costly failures, and therefore the annual review of air-conditioning ensures its long and trouble-free operation. Service Package includes air conditioning the following:

Cooling temperature-control before the review

  • Visual control cables
  • Check belt wear
  • Vacuum leak check-conditioning
  • UV-introduction of factor allowing the location of the leak
  • Oil change in the climate system
  • Exchange the refrigerant R-134a,
  • Padding factor in case of loss (the first free 300g)
  • Control against dust or replace the filter (filter cost is not included in package price)
  • Ozone-fumigation method
  • End-pressure measurement
  • Cooling temperature-control after the review

After review, you will receive a report of the review made with a printout of the service unit.

Cost of services you can check our price list.


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Mechanical Advise

Why is air conditioning not working or not working properly? When you have to visitair conditioning service?

Air-conditioning efficiency depends mainly on the amount of refrigerant, which is filled system. Air-conditioning system will not function correctly in a situation when an agent is too little or too much. Too much refrigerant can damage the compressor. The specificity of the gas is that, despite the complete tightness of the system in the waning years of about 10 to 15 percent. factor, which lowers the efficiency of air conditioning (compressor has to work much longer to achieve the desired effect). Too little refrigerant, causes so that even though virtually continuous operation of the compressor can not be achieved sufficiently low temperatures, and higher continuous load on the engine will increase fuel consumption.

Therefore, the air conditioner requires regular servicing, it is best performed once a year, the least every two years.

For servicing air conditioning is required specialized equipment. Routine review of the system is connected to a special device that sucks the old agent, then check for leaks and if the test goes positively fills the system with fresh factor, and oil. The whole operation takes just over 30 minutes.

In a properly functioning air conditioning temperature emanating from the vents should be from 5 to 8 degrees C. The measurement should be carried out after a few or even several minutes after the inclusion of that ducts are properly chilled.

A very important function in the system A / C fully dryer, whose task is to absorb moisture from the system. It should be replaced after each broken, or compressor malfunction, and in properly operating system every two to three years. It is also regularly include pollen filter, which has a large influence on the ventilation of the cabin.

Climate control is also carried out each time before buying used cars.