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Our Vehicle Inspection Stations are authorized to carry out periodic technical inspections (inspections of registration) in the following vehicles:
motor vehicles with a permissible total weight up to 3,5 t

  • vehicles designed to supply gas
  • vehicles imported from abroad
  • vehicles after collisions and accidents
  • vehicles aimed at the technical studies by the traffic control authority or starost after changes of construction vehicles

In addition, Vehicle Inspection Station at ul.Madalińskiego 10 has powers to carry outperiodic technical inspections on motorcycles and mopeds.
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Mechanical advise

How to prepare for periodic technical inspections?

Cars with faults do not pass the technical examination. Diagnostic station employeein case of irregularities on a special certificate will be annotated. In case of serious defects that pose a direct threat to road safety registration certificate will be detained.To avoid this situation, it is worth before registration to make a similar review ofresearch on their own. Some defects - such as faulty lighting, felt knocking and looseness in the suspension, brakes weak, we can "diagnose" themselves. We also carry out such control in a workshop equipped with diagnostic devices. Then, in case of faults, we are immediately able to make on-site repair. After these preparations we go to the technical examination, the outcome should be positive.