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Incorrect "geometry" of wheels is dangerous for driving, at best, will affect the accelerated consumption of certain elements of the car. Therefore, we periodically make a full inspection of the angles front wheel suspension. Mechanics AutoABChaving modern equipment HOFMANN geoliner 680, will conduct the measurementsand the necessary adjustments.
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Mechanical advise

Given the road conditions in Poland, should be examined "geometry" of the front wheels before the start of each summer season. Such checks should be made whenever there when buying a used car, and in situations such as the wheel hit an obstacle or hole, and after any repair of the suspension.
Before the control of each check and eliminate the slack in the suspension.

What should be monitored and what threatens the lack of geometry?
Key in the geometry of four values: camber angle, caster angle, caster angle and toe.

If the wheel alignment is wrong, then followed by rapid, uneven wear on tires. Camberand caster angle, which controls the stability of the car while driving, because of itsaffect controll ability. Incorrect ahead of the kingpin causes instability in the car while driving. Proper toe eliminate the side-slip, in general improves driving stability and prevents excessive wear of the tires.