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Exhaust System incorrectly matched to the flow resistance, capacitance, operatingprinciples and engine power, can contribute to the weakening performance of the drive unit. This in turn may lead to reduced power and torque, while the increased fuel consumption and, in extreme cases can lead to engine overheating, shortening its life and need repair.


AutoABC mechanics will help choose the best type of exhaust system and then quicklyand professionally make the exchange. Cost of services you can check our price list.

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Mechanical advise
Exhaust systems are working in extremely difficult conditions. The temperature ofexhaust gases leaving the engine exceeds 1000 degrees, while outside the pipeleading from the exhaust and mufflers are in contact with air, water or snow. The exhaust gases are expelled from the engine at up to 200 times per second. This results in a vibration system, which can not move on the bodywork. The individual components of exhaust gases are highly corrosive to the interior materials are made of exhaust systems. From the outside metal surface is contacted with water, is exposed to the damaging effects of sand and stones thrown from the tires.

The exhaust system also plays other important functions, among other things aims to mute noise from the exhaust gases emerging from the combustion chambers. Layoutgases discharged outside the car while maintaining leak connections. Leaky system, and poor quality gaskets, may lead to penetration odorless, poisonous carbon monoxide into the room of passengers, which threatened the driver's intoxication andthe accident.

How are performed modern exhaust systems?
Exhaust systems of major companies are made of materials ensuring long life such as stainless steel or 2 layer plates coated with a layer of aluminum metallurgical. The technology of welding eliminated and replaced by cold rolling seams to avoid overheating the materials and potential corrosion.