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AutoABC mechanics will review and do any necessary repairs in the braking system, such as replacement of brake pads, brake shoes and cylinders, discs and to checkand possibly replace or supplement the state of the brake fluid. In AutoABC have the opportunity to purchase the necessary parts from a wide range of differentmanufacturers. Our specialists will always make the optimal choice.


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AutoABC mechanics have exchanged quickly and professionally. The cost of someservices you can check our price list.

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Mechanical adivse

When you make a replacement brake discs?

Exchange brake discs must be made when their trickness falls to a specified by the manufacturer as the minimum. Such information should be on target. Exchanges must be made also when the wheels are bent, they have cavities or are corroded. When changing discs, you should always install new brake pads.

When you check and replace brake fluid?

Studies show that seventy percent of the vehicles involved in road traffic isexcessively worn brake fluid, and that means lowering the boiling point and the loss ofanti-corrosion properties. Brake fluid is a liquid hygroscopic, absorbing moisture.When the water content in brake fluid exceeds a certain percentage of the quality ofthe brake falls, as contained in the brake fluid hot water steam causing traffic jams.So at least once every 10 000 km should check the quality of brake fluid, as well as its level in the reservoir at the pump the brake. The fluid should be replaced every 40 000km or every 2 years.

How is the life of brake pads and how to control them?

It depends on how you drive and whether you frequently move around the city (frequentuse of brakes) or on the road. Heavily worn blocks decrease the effectiveness of the braking system and lead to the destruction of the surface of the brake discs. Pleasecheck the condition of brake pads on the occasion of each review, and pay attention to any failure of the braking system, such as deterioration in performance, the sound of friction during braking, the brake pedal pulsation or steering wheel vibration when braking.