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AutoABC mechanics will review and do any necessary repairs in the suspension system, such as replacement of shock absorbers, suspension arms, suspension armbushings, torsion bars ends, bearings, bolts, joints shields, etc. In AutoABC you have the opportunity to purchase the necessary parts from a wide variety of different manufacturers . Our specialists will always help you make the optimal choice.
AutoABC mechanics exchange quickly and professionally. The cost of some services you can check in our price list.


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Mechanical advise
Shock absorbers are parts that wear out during operation of the car. Since the degree of this consumption depends on many factors, including driving style, road conditions, the condition of other parts of the vehicle suspension, you can not specify exactly how long it will remain smooth. It is estimated that in cars which run on our roads should withstand a distance of about 60-80 000 km. But because they have a significant impact on driving safety, it is recommended that control of a specialized service in every 20 000 km.

How do we know that the shock has already suited to the exchange?

Always be eligible to exchange those "leaked" to mechanical damage, corrosion, piston, bushings, rubber stamped, or simply do not hold the car. About not holding the car show: excessive tilting of the car sideways in corners and excessive "diving" to the front under braking and "Squat" during acceleration, vehicle dismantling of the track even after minor bumps, longer braking distances (even with ABS) easily falling into a skid on wet pavement and uneven tire wear.