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The mechanics will help you choose AutoABC best oil for your car and then quickly make the exchange. We offer a well-known brands of oils such as Castrol (ABC Auto is an authorized partner of Castrol), Mobil, Elf, Shell and Lotus. While changing the oil in a free review we will check:

  • the level and temperature of coolant freezing
  • the level and quality of brake fluid
  • engine leaks
  • air filter
  • wiper blades.


For your convenience, all activities will be recorded in a computer repair history of the vehicle, and on the tag in the engine compartment. In most cars oil change with a freereview takes no longer than 15 minutes.

When you buy the oil and filter replacement make AutoABC free!


Cost of other services related to oil change and others you can check our price list.

If you want to arrange a convenient time to exchange call us or send a reservation form.
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If you want to choose the same oil for your car, use the link Adjust oil.

Mechanical advise
Oil change frequency set by the vehicle manufacturer, depending on oil properties andengine parameters. Most currently produced cars require oil change after driving 10 000 - 20 000 km or one year. Mileage intervals also depends on driving conditions. During city driving with frequent starts and stops the car with the engine at high speed it is recommended to change the oil even more frequently than every 15 000 - 20 000km.
Another factor affecting the oil change the terms of his kind. In the case of mineral oil isrecommended for replacement every 10 000 km, in the case of synthetic oils at 15 000 - 20 000 km.

When choosing oil, pay attention to the type of product (different for gasoline, diesel, turbocharged) and classification of viscosity (ratio, which determines the ability of oil to produce a specific layer to prevent contact between two metal surfaces inside the engine). The viscosity of oil varies depending on engine temperature, it is important to selecting the viscosity grade of engine oil according to the annual average temperature.

As you can see choosing the right oil if we do not have the exact manufacturer's recommendations (e.g. in the service book) is not a simple function, so feel free to use the tips AutoABC mechanics or the link below.